Throttle Body and Carburetor Cleaner
Throttle Body and Carburetor Cleaner Aerosol Products Johor Bahru, Selangor, KL, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam Manufacturer, OEM, Supplier, Supply | Advance Lube Enterprise Sdn Bhd
THROTTLE BODY, AIR INTAKE & CARBURETOR CLEANER SPRAY is a High Performance formulation for effectively removal of oil, dirt, gum, carbon and grease deposits from the surfaces within seconds. It helps to clean fuel & air intake and delivery system. It helps to flush off residues from the surface of throttle plates and butterfly valves, body parts, carburettors & air intake components, PVC valve, EGR (exhaust gas recirculating) valve, choke and other parts. It eliminates the need to remove and dismantle the throttle body or carburettor from the engine. It is harmless to metals and gaskets and will not affect oxygen/lambda sensors or mass airflow sensors on the intake systems. Formulated for modern petrol and diesel vehicles, will not remove protective surface coatings of components. It helps to increase combustion efficiency to save fuel & decrease the emission of toxic pollutants.

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